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Mourerous   French   EFABIS Data


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Alpes and Corse

Breeding females


15.000 to 20.000

Trend of population size


Flock book established



Origin history

The breed is derived from a native breed of its home region and North Africa, with about a 20% annual input from the Prealpes French breed from 1960. The breed possesses a good walking ability and adaptation to a cold dry environment.

 Breed description

The breed is principally used for wool production and meat, with 90% of the ewes being pure-bred.
The Mourerous is often white, sometimes with brown or red heads and legs, with a white roll on the head. They have medium fleece coverage of fine quality, with the legs also covered. The mature rams weigh 70kg, and the ewes weigh 55kg.

Conservation activities

From an estimated 62 flocks, 20 are registered with Syndicat de defense et de promotion de la race Mourerous, with a flock book having been established in 1983 and having 8.000 ewes registered. Within performance recording 13 flocks are registered including 3.613 ewes recorded. The average flock size is 297 ewes.


Contact: Syndicat Mourérous Chambres d'Agriculture des Alpes

                de Haute-Provence 66 bd Gassendi 04 000 DIGNE

               Tel. : 04 92 30 57 57

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