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Epirus, Arta Prefecture

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Origin history

This breed is a synthetic breed formed in the period 1960 -1980. It is the result of the crossing with Friesian rams in the beginning and with the use of semen after 1968 of the local sheep population. The local population was originally the Orino breed, however later this population was influenced by plain local breeds, as the Katsika, Agriniou, Chios, Zakynthos and Karagouniko breeds. The breed has been stabilised and is very well adapted to the plain zones of Arta and Preveza.


Breed description

The breed is of large size, with live weight ranging from 65 to 80 kg for the females, and from 70 to 120 for the males. The colour is total white, while some animals present red brown rings around the eyes. The head is large and hornless in both sexes and the animals have fat tails. The breed is sensitive to the high temperatures. The animals graze all year, while they also get complementary feeding (concentrates and forage). The lambing season ranges from September to March. The prolificacy rate is arounf 1.7. The breed is used for milk, lamb and wool production. The milk is used to produce cheese, and the wool is also of excellent quality. The average milk production is about 250 kg. The lambs are weaned at the age of 2 months at a weight of 13.5 kg.


Conservation activities

The breed is under milk recording and the programme is applied by the Farmers Association with the supervision of the Genetic Improvement Centre of Ioannina of the Ministry of Rural Development and Food. The number of breeding ewes in the milk recording schemes is 3.536. Herdbook was established in 1999.
Currently there are no semen samples or embryos conserved for this breed.


Contact:Dr. Christina Ligda, NAGREF, Agricultural Research Centre of Northern Greece, Dept. Genetic Resources, e-mail: chligda@nagref.gr, chligda@otenet.gr


Action Heritage Sheep AGRI GEN RES 040 receives financial support from the European Commission, Genetic Resources in Agriculture, under European Commission Council Regulation (EC) No 870/2004 AGRI GEN RES 2006 HERITAGE SHEEP