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Since 1960 there has been about 10% annual infusion of Sarde from Italy but this has been recently stopped since the specifications for the “AOC Brocciu”, which was created in 1998, forbids the use of any other breed or crossbreds.


 Breed description

The animals are small and very hardy, living outdoors in arid Mediterranean grassland and mountainous areas, yet productive in the difficult environment. In spite of difficult conditions this small ewe can be milked for 181 days after weaning of the lamb at 35 days old, producing 134 litres of milk (UPRA, 2004). Around 20.000 ewes are in the official milk recoding scheme. A few farmers on the plains use crosses with other milk breeds, but it is estimated that 100% of the ewes are kept as pure-bred.
The animals are white, black, brown, and grey with some single coloured variations, both sexes usually having rolled horns with slight spiraling for the males, the ewes have smaller horns and some females exhibiting stumps instead. They have good fleece coverage, with the legs also covered. The mature rams weigh 65kg, and the ewes weigh 35kg.

Conservation activities

The Corsican is a milk sheep breed constituting the majority of the sheep population in Corsica. There are an estimated 100 000 ewes and 3.500 breeding rams, 8 % of which are used for artificial insemination. From an estimated total of 600 flocks, 73 are registered with UPRA Brebis Corse, with a flock book established in 1975 and 20 000 ewes registered. Performance recording accounts for 73 flocks and 20 000 are recorded. The average flock size is 288 ewes.


Contact: UPRA BREBIS CORSE  Domaine de Casabianda  20270 Aléria – France 

                Tel-Fax : + 33 (0) 4 95 57 10 91  uprabrebiscorse@worldonline.fr

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