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Causses du Lot French   EFABIS Data


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Causses du Lot

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Causses du Lot


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 Breed description

The Causses du Lot is well adapted to its environment and is well suited to free-range or “sheepfold” management systems. The ewe matures early and breeds well out of season. In large flocks there can be two, three or even four lambing times spread throughout the year. Ewes achieve a prolificity rate of 1.59. It is in demand for pure-breeding with 55% of ewes being pure-bred, for their fertility, high milk value, hardiness and ability to breed out of season. To produce lambs with better conformation they are cross-bred with a pedigree meat ram. The cross between a Causses du Lot ewe and an Ile de France ram (known as the F1 46), produces lambs that meet the requirements of the market: Quercy Label Rouge local lamb.
The sheep are white with black eye patches. Neither the male nor female is horned. They have good fleece coverage, with the legs also covered. The mature rams weigh 90-110kg, and the ewes weigh 50-65kg.

Conservation activities

A two-step breed selection scheme has been put into place, through France UPRA, with the purpose of ensuring the renewal of 100.000 meat flock ewes in order to achieve the best possible guarantees with regard to genetic and health status. One objective is aimed at improving maternal aptitudes, fertility and milk value using on-farm testing of progeny and currently involves 40 breeds and 20.000 ewes. The second is aimed at improving the conformation by producing an F1 46 female from a Causses du Lot ewe x Ile-de-France ram cross, with 25 breeders and 15.000 ewes. The Causses du Lot UPRA annually distributes 250 young rams via the breeding centre, 8.000 pure-bred Causses du Lot ewe lambs, 6.000 F1 46 ewe lambs, and 4.000 artificial insemination doses.


Contact: UPRA Causses du Lot Chambre d’Agriculture du Lot - Place de la Gare - BP 199 - 46 004

                CAHORS CEDEX Tel. (+00 33) 05 65 23 22 07

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