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Welsh Hill Speckled Face   EFABIS Data


International Name

Welsh Hill Speckled Face

Local Name

Welsh Hill Speckled Face

or Speckles


North Wales

Breeding females



Trend of population size


Flock book established



Origin history

The Welsh Hill Speckled Face originated in the hills of central Wales and was developed from the Kerry Hill and Welsh Mountain sheep.


Breed description

The Welsh Hill Speckled Face is a very hardy breed and is a very adaptable breed. It can survive the harsh upland winters with minimum input and are well suited to the relatively harsh environment of the mid and north Welsh mountains. The breed also adapts well to lowland systems and conditions.
The pure bred ewes make excellent mothers, lambing outside from mid-March to mid-April. Ewe lambs are usually sent to over winter on lowland farms for the first winter, and are mated in their first year, while the wethers provide a sweet hill carcass.
They are relatively small sheep. The rams weigh 70 kg, with the ewes weighing 50 kg.
They are used for the production of meat and wool, and for crossbreeding.
Draft ewes are sold down to the lowlands to produce lambs for three years or more, being crossed with the Blueface Leicester to produce the much sought after Welsh Mule
The distinctiveness of the breed is due to the markings on the face. The breed is white, and only the males are sometimes horned. It has a black muzzle as well as black markings around the eyes and ears. There are also black markings on front legs at the knee and on all feet. The fleece is both fine and tight.
The flock book was established in 1964.


Conservation activities

The breed is marketed as Welsh Lamb.
The Breed society members have a production improvement scheme with Sire Indexing Ram lambs performance tested.
Cryopreservation of semen, NSP storage, Innovis, 10714 doses

Contact: The breed society is the Welsh Hill Speckled Face Sheep Society.
                The Breed Society Secretary is Mr Ron Griffiths, Nanty Farm, Pantmawr, Llanidloes,

                Powys SY18 6SY - Tel: +44 (0)1686440279


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