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WP5: Website and integrated spatial database

WP5 consists of a Portal Development for Heritage Sheep Breeds (HSB) across Europe. All the information collected from WPs 1 to 4 will be stored in a web database. A permanent and widely accessible European network of national inventories of HSBs will be established that will inform on the activities concerning these breeds including related in situ and ex situ conservation programmes. The website will serve as a tool to promote sustainable use of HSBs by integrating information on the characteristics of breeds and ecosystems, the extent and significance of their use and their meat-, milk- or wool-related products, and the values attached to the breeds and their products. Biodiversity information on HSBs will be structured, catalogued and made available via the Internet. The full potential of GIS analysis and investigative methods of presentation for indicative assessments of the breeds in the areas where they are present will be explored. The feasibility of an early warning system based on the combination of characterisation and the available spatial information to predict which HSB breeds are likely to become threatened, or change their current status, will be investigated.

Action Heritage Sheep AGRI GEN RES 040 receives financial support from the European Commission, Genetic Resources in Agriculture, under European Commission Council Regulation (EC) No 870/2004 AGRI GEN RES 2006 HERITAGE SHEEP