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WP2: Development and evaluation of strategies for in situ conservation

In WP2, existing case studies developed for individual HSBs within France will be used to underpin new analyses that will be undertaken of HSBs in other Partner countries. This enables best practice guidelines to be developed for in situ/on-farm conservation of HSBs across different Member States and strategies to be designed to ensure increased utility and value of HSB products, whether meat-, milk- or wool-based. The major output from WP2 will be the definition of criteria necessary to develop, or at the very least, stabilise the demography and genetics of HSBs across Europe. The WP outputs will reveal whether different mechanisms for development of HSBs are required in different Member States, or whether generic strategies can be developed. Similarly, the impact of environmental constraints in the different Member States may well influence the in situ management methods and strategies needed for conservation of the genetic resources.

Action Heritage Sheep AGRI GEN RES 040 receives financial support from the European Commission, Genetic Resources in Agriculture, under European Commission Council Regulation (EC) No 870/2004 AGRI GEN RES 2006 HERITAGE SHEEP