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WP1: Assessment of Heritage Sheep Breeds

WP1 ensures the information is available to fully integrate the project through providing a detailed holistic analysis of the features of HSBs and the risks to the genetic resources of these breeds. A major output from WP1 includes: a scoring system that can be widely applied across the Community for prioritisation of HSBs. The data collected will expand earlier work and information gained from the ECONOGENE project, the ERFP (European Regional Focal Point) Scoping Study into HSBs across the EU and the Country Reports on FAnGR (Farm Animal Genetic Resources) as part of the FAO State of the Worlds Animal Genetic Resources (for Food and Agriculture). Data collection and assessment will be undertaken through close interactions with country representatives and their networks to local communities and breed societies, including the use of questionnaires and one visit per country.

Action Heritage Sheep AGRI GEN RES 040 receives financial support from the European Commission, Genetic Resources in Agriculture, under European Commission Council Regulation (EC) No 870/2004 AGRI GEN RES 2006 HERITAGE SHEEP