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Clun Forest Sheep

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Clun Forest Sheep


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Origin history

The breed originates from a now extinct native breed, the Long Mynd, from a high grassland area of that name on the Shropshire / Powys border, as well as the Shropshire, and Welsh breeds. It is adapted to upland grazing, but lives equally happily in the down-lands of the south of England, the hills of Wales and Scotland.


Breed description

The breed is white without horns with a dark-brown face. The ears are fairly short and are carried high. The legs are fairly free from wool.  It is highly resistant to disease and has a low mortality rate. Longevity is a strong point of this breed with records showing ewes can still be breeding at 12 years of age.  The ewes are excellent mothers, lamb easily, and have plenty of rich milk. When good stockmanship is in place their feet are extremely sound and their teeth long lasting. The pure-bred ram has a carcass weight of up to 29kg under a year old. When mated to any of the Down rams, the ewes also produce early maturing lambs with excellent weight for age results. Production of hybrid ewes is the main purpose of the breed, and crosses with the Border Leicester and Blueface Leicester have been used successfully for a number of years.

In recent times crosses with continental breeds have proved to be of good commercial value, giving offspring desirable in type for the modern meat trade. Used for crossing with other breeds to produce good commercial meat.

The fleece weight is 2.5 3 kg and generally of a high quality. It is popular with knitters and for making futons.


Conservation activities


Meat sales from the farm door.

Meat production for local markets.

Breed contributes to a sense of community.


Cryopreservation of semen, NSPstore with 1567 doses.


Contact The Clun Forest Sheep Breeders Society

                 Web site www.clunforestsheep.co.uk

                Sec -  Ms Davina Stanhope, 2 Upper Longwood, Eaton Constantine, Shrewsbury,

                Shropshire, SY5 6SB


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