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Bela Krajina Pramenka   EFABIS Data


International Name

Bela Krajina Pramenka

Local Name

Belokranjska pramenka


Adlesici, Marindol and Zunici, (Slovenia)

Breeding females


624 (2004) 944 (2007)

Trend of population size

Stable (predators problem?)

Flock book established



Origin – history

Slovenian autohtonous breed; the Belokranjska pramenka is sheep breed which was once bred on both banks of the river Kolpa, mainly in the rolling hills of the Karst regions of Bela Krajina. The means for farming are poor here and for this reason the sheep are quite small. Purebred animals are found in the in the surrounding areas of Adlesici, Marindol and Zunici.


Breed description

The Bela Krajina Pramenka sheep weigh over 50 kg, the rams weigh a few kilos more but rarely over 65 to 70 kg. Today the breeding is different from region to region. In the lowlands the animals are larger while on the Karst terrain their weight may not even reach 45 kg. The animals have long fringed wool, which acts as a good protection against the cold and rain but it is not appropriate for manufacturing because all woollen products are extremely rough. The leading color of coat is white, although it is nearly impossible to find an animal that would be purely white, for black dots or spots on the head and legs are characteristic of the breed. The sheep’s tails are unusually long, and reach down to just a few centimeters above the ground. Rams have extremely large horns, which are curled several times as the animals get older. Sheep may have horns too but they are short. The ewe is seasonally polyestric, meaning that they lamb once a year; experienced breeders will even tell us that out of season lambing (thus three litters in two years) is exceptionally unusual. Litters are small, on average about 1.13 lambs.


Conservation activities

Conservation of breed by reproducing herds or animals: conservation programme running.


Contact: dr. Drago Kompan  e-mail: Drago.Kompan@bfro.uni-lj.si


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